Things to Enjoy in Bangalore City

Bangalore City is considered as the Garden City of India and is also referred to as the Silicon Valley of the country. The place is not only a good destination for business; it is also teeming with life with a lot of places to enjoy and good food to try. You will surely lose your heart in this city in the same way that you'd enjoy the pleasant weather all throughout the year.

Bangalore City offers a lot of things both to its locals and foreigners. Here are a few things that you'd likely enjoy around the city.

Painted City Walls

One of the first things you'd notice in the city is its richly painted walls. Walking around the city, you will see about beautiful wall paintings that are reflective of the culture and heritage of the place. Bangalore is home to some of the finest artists in the country and sometimes they take to the streets their need to express their art. The results are of course the huge murals you see in almost every corner of the town.


Bangalore City is one of the cities in India that strongly embraces diversity. Its inclusiveness is reflective of the different races you see, especially on the streets of Brigade Road. Considered as one of the busiest areas in the city, Brigade Road is a cosmopolitan of the different Indian races. The place is also populated with a lot of foreigners who continue to shop around the area.


Compared to other areas in the country, Bangalore City is a place where women feel safer. The city is known for being advanced when it comes to empowering the feminine sex. You will notice that there are women who are working on unconventional careers in the city like being a bus driver or a conductor.


Being the IT hub of India, Bangalore City continues to be the birthplace of some of the biggest names in technology. Tech startups flourish in the city and you'd see a lot of professionals who are huddled in cafes and passionately discussing their ideas related to technology.

Companies like Wipro, Infosys and TCS are just a few of the names that started out in the city.


If you are a foodie, you'd surely find the city a haven of delicious and sumptuous food. There are stalls in almost all corners of the city and you can always find a gracious host who'd gladly cook you the best Indian meals in the comfort of their homes so  check it out!

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