Top Reasons to Visit Bangalore

Known unofficially as the Silicon Valley of India, there are plenty of reasons to visit Bangalore City. People should be able to explore this city at least once in their lifetime. There are plenty of reasons why this is a city worth visiting by people from India and the rest of the world. Here are the top compelling reasons for you to visit Bangalore.

With an estimated population of 9.5 million Bangalore is the capital city of the state of Karnataka. It is the third most populous city in India. The key here is the height of the city from sea level. It has an elevation of 3,000 meters from sea level. It means it has a fairly pleasant weather throughout the year.

Bangalore is the home of India's thriving information technology industry. It is home to more research and manufacturing facilities for IT and other high-technology sectors and verticals. There is also a huge aerospace industry nestled in the city as well as a blossoming film industry.

If you want to see some sights, Bangalore has this magnificent palace which surely catch your fancy. The construction of the palace started in 1862 and took almost a century to finish. Now, this palace is where elite parties are held.

To capture the true Indian experience, you can get it at downtown Bangalore. A stroll on the streets of the downtown will give you a glimpse on an authentic feel of the culture, sights and sounds of India. The Brigade Road is a strip where you can see a slew of restaurants, local stores, global store chains and with a complete set of bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Being a garden city, Bangalore boasts of plenty of green spaces. The Cubbon Park has 100 acres of space where you can see plenty of greenery. The park features dozens of trees, which may not be something familiar to most tourists now with urban jungles spreading. The city has its own share of conservation efforts to bring more green spaces.

When you think about visiting a city, the first thing that comes to mind will be Paris, London, New York or even Tokyo. It is seldom for people to think about a city like Bangalore. However, there are plenty of sights and sounds for the tourist, which will make a visit to Bangalore a truly memorable one. If you want to experience India, come to Bangalore today.

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